The Bow Lamp

This large modern sculptural floor lamp is made from double tapered laminates with an ebonized white oak veneered base. It's highly efficient dimmable LED's take the Bow Light from practical task lighting to functional art with the touch of a button.

The S-Light

The S-Light is a large piece of functional art, equally at home over a bar in a restaurant or over a dining table in the home. It's highly efficient dimmable LED's provide the perfect amount of light for any occasion.


This beautiful modern redesign of a late 19th century Cotswold Arts & Crafts hay rake table is made from bleached ash and aluminum. compleat with all the traditional joinery of the period this 3' x 6' (8' and 10' with leaves) dining table will last for generations.


“.......a skilled craftsman with an artistry that allows him to stretch the boundaries of his medium” JT 2014